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Shuttle station airlock

Tunnel around the blockage on the shuttle track

  • After the water is drained from the airlock, head through the now open hatch.
  • At the bottom of the ramp, there is an intercom with a data buffer available. Optionally listen to it.

Shuttle track

  • Drop down onto the shuttle track to the right, turn right, and walk to the hole to the left before the track blockage.
  • Crouch and proceed through to the other side of the track blockage.
  • Continue down the track to the end and enter the room to the left.

Maintenance room

Woman in the maintenance room

  • Optionally talk to the woman inside up to four times.
  • Pull one of the power cables out of the power box to her right. It doesn't matter which one is pulled.
  • Optionally talk to the woman again.
  • Optionally, pull the other cable as well. This does not affect the shuttle trip.
  • Exit the room and head back down the track, around the blockage, and back up onto the platform.

Shuttle platform

Lever to activate the shuttle power

  • There is a power box next to the door at the other end of the platform. Open it and pull the lever.
  • With the power on, enter the shuttle to the left of the door.

Shuttle J6

Shuttle control panel

  • Place the omnitool in the receptacle at the front left of the shuttle.
  • Flip all three switches on the right side of this terminal. They can be flipped in any order.
  • Press the red button to the right of the switches.
  • Turn around and take a seat.
  • With the exception of "Upsilon A" and "Upsilon B", which don't do anything, it doesn't seem to matter which destination is selected other than some difference in the video playback during the ride. Choose one to start the shuttle ride.
  • Once stopped, pull the emergency exit lever at the front of the shuttle.

More shuttle track

Shuttle track emergency exit

  • Proceed down to the track to the intercom with an incoming call.
  • Answer the call.
  • Continue down to the track to the rotating red light at the left.
  • Optionally continue all the way to the end and use the odd node to the right there to heal up. Return to the red light afterward.

Emergency exit

  • Open the emergency exit hatch and crawl inside to the ladder.
  • Climb the ladder up to an airlock and swipe the omnitool where indicated.

Outside the shuttle track

A more aggressive robot

Entry airlock for Lambda

  • Proceed along the path by the little blue-green lights until a brighter, cylindrical blue-white light is reached.
  • Take a left and continue along the path with lights to the right.
  • A sign reading "350m" will be ahead. Continue past and loop around the rock formation to the right.
  • There will now be an occasionally flickering sign reading "Lambda" ahead.

Warning: There is a monster ahead past the sign. This is the same type of robot encountered outside Upsilon, but this one is more aggressive. It is slow, but it will approach and attack if Simon doesn't evade it. It doesn't seem capable of delivering a deathblow, but it can repeatedly knock Simon out.

  • Due to the robot's slow speed, it can be easily evaded by either stealth or speed. In both cases, it is wise to use the path to the left around the metal wreckage.
    • To evade via stealth, crouch and slowly move around the metal wreckage and then behind the bot, keeping an eye on what direction is is facing and moving no closer than necessary. Continue on past more metal wreckage in the center of the path ahead.
    • To evade via speed, allow the robot to see you and move to the side of the wreckage. Then sprint carefully around that wreckage and continue past the wreckage in the center of the path ahead.
  • Continue on, taking a left immediately after the small clearing ahead.
  • There is a minor choice to make at this point.
    • To do a little optional preliminary exploration:
      • Stay on the left path at the fork ahead and continue to a small craft settled on the ocean floor.
      • Open the hatch and go inside.
      • Plug the omnitool into the receptacle at the front of the craft. Remove it when it fails to accept it.
      • Exit the craft. It is possible to continue to the left, but Simon will eventually be blocked by a door that fails to open with his omnitool. Instead, just turn slightly toward the green light ahead.
    • To just get on with it:
      • Take a right at the fork ahead.
  • Proceed to a structure with the green flickering "Lambda" sign.
  • Press the button to open the airlock into Lambda.
  • Enter the airlock and swipe the omnitool where indicated.