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Simon's home

Tracer fluid in the bathroom
  • After being awakened from a bad dream by the phone, pick up the phone to answer it.
  • The location of the tracer fluid is random. It is a pink medicine bottle that may be found in one of these locations:
    • In the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.
    • In one of the drawers of the desk upon which the laptop is sitting.
    • In the cabinet above the microwave.
    • There may be other locations.
  • Upon finding it, pick it up and drink it.

Note: Simon never returns to his home during the game. There will be no other chances to explore it.

  • Optionally, listen to the message on the answering machine on the dresser near the bed.
  • At the laptop on the desk near the window, the "Saturday off" email can optionally be sent.
  • Simon's keys can be picked up next to the door.

It isn't clear if any of these actions have an effect on the game.

  • Once finished with any exploration, exit the home by the brown wooden door.

The subway

  • The only thing to do here is to answer the phone when it rings.
  • Wait until the subway arrives at the St. Patrick station. Simon will automatically head to PACE Laboratories.

PACE Laboratories

The notebook with the code
Inside the notebook
  • Head to the door in the back and try to open it.
  • Try to call David Munshi.
  • There is a leather-bound notebook in the top desk drawer than contains the door code.
  • Return to the door and enter the code 2501 to unlock it.
  • Head to the end of the hall and enter room 364. There is nothing meaningful to do in the open room.
  • Talk with David Munshi. Optionally, speak with him a few more times for some additional exposition.
  • Take a seat in the chair at the back and wait for the scan to begin.