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After the crash

Crashed shuttle at Delta

  • Get up and retrieve the omnitool.
  • Try to open the hatch and then wait
  • After the hatch is open, climb out.

Note: There is a robot patrolling Delta in addition to the one that helps Simon out of the shuttle, but it is non-hostile. Simon can optionally try to speak to it when he gets close.

Optional exploration

Map of Site Delta

A non-hostile robot wandering around Delta

The zeppelin controls

There are only a few simple things that need to be done at Delta. This section of the walkthrough covers optional exploration. To skip this, continue to the Comm station section.

Auxiliary station

  • Head to the structure ahead with the green "Delta" sign on top. The word is blurry when viewed from outside the escape shuttle.
  • Optionally climb the ladder to go inside. Otherwise, skip to the "Building 2" section.
    • Optionally view a message from the dead body.
    • Optionally use the healing node.
    • Optionally pull the lever on the console to the left. This reveals a screen with a map of the area.
    • Climb back out when done.

Building 2

  • From the auxiliary station, go to the metal grating with short lampposts to the sides.
  • Follow this grating around until a structure can be seen with "02" on the side.
  • Follow the path ahead up and around the "02" structure to the airlock on the other side.
  • Hit the button outside to open the hatch, go inside, and hit the button inside to activate the airlock.
  • Once it is done cycling, go through the door that opens.
  • When done exploring, cycle the airlock to go back outside and return to the grating.

Control room

  • Nearby, there are tracks that resemble a railroad. Follow these tracks to the structure labeled "Control Room" ahead.
  • To get inside, proceed along the wall to the left to find the hatch. Try to open it and then wait for help.
  • When possible, optionally open the hatch and go through the door on the other side of the airlock.
  • There is a light switch to the left.
  • To the left, a message can be retrieved from the dead body.
  • There is some information to view on the monitor on the console by the window.
  • Head back outside when done. Follow the building around back to the tracks outside.


  • There is a short metal ramp just back to the left. Walk over and continue on to the door underneath the "Delta" sign ahead.
  • To get inside, try to open the door and then wait for help. When possible, head through the airlocks, opening the doors as necessary.
  • Optionally use the healing node on the console ahead.
  • When done exploring, exit through the airlock.
  • There is a computer terminal to the right of the "Zeppelin Transport Theta" sign to the left. Activate it with the power button if desired. Currently, there is nothing that can be done here, though it provides hints to what must be done next.
  • Return to the short metal ramp near the tracks, but don't cross over it. Instead, turn right and head to the screen outside building 2.

Comm station

Comm antenna controls linked to "049"

Antenna map at the zeppelin controls showing the correct comm antenna link

  • If the optional exploration was skipped, follow these directions to the comm station controls:
    • Walk straight out from the crashed shuttle past the auxiliary station on the right until a pathway made from metal grating can be seen.
    • Follow that grating around until a structure with a yellow "02" is visible.
    • Follow the dirt path around to the other side of that structure to the console to the left past the hatch.
  • Once at the controls, hit the power button in the upper right.
  • At this time, it is possible to establish three different links by using the arrow controls to rotate the blue cone over each of the three lines and selecting the proper channel.
    • On channel 2, the green line pointing to the upper left will establish a link to "840".
    • On channel 7, the red line pointing down will establish a link to "216".
    • On channel 5, the yellow line pointing to the upper right will establish a link to "049".
  • For a little extra dialogue, link to "216" and continue. To avoid having to return here in a moment, link to "049" instead.

Zeppelin Transport Theta

The robots are the only available sources of tool chips

  • Leave the console and turn around. In the distance, there is a sign that reads "Zeppelin Transport Theta", though it is too blurry to read from this distance. Go to the computer screen located on a small radio tower to the right of that sign.
  • Press the power button to activate it if it's not already on and hit the "Zeppelins" button.
  • If the comm station is linked to "216", hit the "Echo" button for "Zeppelin - 216" a couple of times for some dialogue. Then return to the comm station, link to "049", and return here.
  • With the comm station linked to "049", hit the "Request Transport" button for "Zeppelin - 049".
  • Head under the "Zeppelin Transport Theta" sign and wait outside the white circle for the Zeppelin to stop.
  • On the right side of the Zeppelin, there is an intercom with a data buffer available. Listening to it is optional.
  • Place the omnitool in the receptacle.
  • After the conversation, head to the crate to the left that just opened. Press the button to open the compartment and then pick up the stun baton inside.
  • Though there are broken robots in the area, the only sources of a new tool chip appear to be the two functional robots in the area.
  • Either robot will attempt to flee after the first time it is shocked. After the third or fourth shock, it will finally crash. The little one may need to be shocked yet again to allow its tool chip to be retrieved.
  • Once a tool chip has been taken from one of the two robots, return to the zeppelin.
  • Plug the new tool chip into the omnitool.
  • Hit the button and pull the lever to activate the zeppelin. The order doesn't matter.