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Through the breach

Breach in Curie's bow

  • Climb the ladder to the next level.
  • The door to the right can be opened, but the passageway is a dead end. The other door on this level cannot be opened.
  • Proceed up the stairs to the next level.
  • Open the door and proceed through the passageway, opening the door at the end.
  • Climb these outside stairs to the top.
  • Note you cannot open the hatch ahead once inside. When ready, go ahead and proceed through the hatch.

Locked inside

The destination for this deck seen through a window

Monster inside Curie

  • Proceed to the left and open the door here.
  • Continue through and open the door on the other side of this room.

Warning: There is a monster through a window on the far side of the room accessible through the open hatch on the right ahead. It is the same type of humanoid monster found in Lambda. Unlike in Lambda, this one doesn't simply teleport out of the area at any point, but seem to resume its patrol, even if it does teleport at any point.

Simon can usually survive at least one hit from these monsters. The easiest way to evade them still remains looking away and staying out of their direct path. As long as Simon isn't trapped, it is even possible to continue moving around normally. If he is trapped, waiting the monster out will be necessary. Severe vision distortion will occur when looking at them, even through walls, providing a way to estimate their position.

  • The goal is to make a 180 around the room ahead to the right.
    • The most direct path is simply to pass the room on the right, take the right turn at the end, and then the second right, but coming face-to-face with the monster is likely.
    • Likely the quickest way around while avoiding a hit is to lure the monster into the room to the right by entering the room, looking right at the monster, being careful to lure it inside but not within reach of Simon. Once it is in the room, one can simply walk back into the corridor and follow it around the room.
    • Alternatively, the other doors and paths provide safe places to wait it out, even though many are rooms with no other exits or otherwise dead ends. The dark rooms at the far end of the corridor provide longer ways around as well, but the monster may linger in the way when trying to waiting it out here.
  • Once around the room to the right, another room to the right has a healing node. Use it if desired, but remain careful of the monster.
  • Continue down the corridor, take a right, and then the first left. Stay alert; the monster may follow you here.
  • There is a valve ahead to the left. Turn it to release a ladder, and then climb it up to the next deck. There is nothing of note further down the corridor.

The next deck

The access to the emergency shuttle

  • At this point, the monster can no longer follow and will eventually disappear completely from the lower deck, at least for now.
  • Proceed right from the top of the ladder and around, opening the door ahead.

Warning: The monster, or another of its kind, is patrolling up here. Most likely it won't be encountered unless Simon proceeds too far down the corridor, but remain wary nonetheless.

  • There is only a bathroom to the left, so enter the corridor and proceed around the corner to the right.
  • These four steps are most logically done now, but they can be delayed until after later events for some different dialogue:
    • Take the right immediately ahead and walk into the shuttle.
    • Place the omnitool into the receptacle to the left.
    • After the conversation, exit the escape shuttle and return to the corridor.
    • Take a right down the corridor.
  • Continue to the end, turn left, and take the first right. Head to the computer screens ahead and wait, as the monster is likely in the room.
    • If the monster's location is a problem and the room on the left can be reached safely, just go inside, turn right, and go through the door ahead. Otherwise, the shuttle is a safe place to wait it out.
  • Wait until it sounds like it teleported away and look to the left carefully. When all is clear, continue to the other door.
  • Optionally use the healing node.
  • Exit the room and proceed right.
  • Take the stairs up and around to another deck.

Another deck

One of the Curie reactor units

Monster appearing after the reactor sabotage

  • This area is safe from monsters for the time being.
  • Turn to the right.
  • The door ahead just to the left leads to a room with some audio playback and a healing node. Optionally head inside if desired and return when done.
  • The door directly ahead leads to a small cargo room with nothing of significance.
  • The corridor to the right is a dead end.
  • The door ahead to the right leads to a large cargo bay. Go inside.
  • Proceed to and ascend the staircase to the left.
  • Continue around to the door on the left and go inside.

Warning: After the next actions, one of the humanoid monsters will appear. The usual evasion methods will no longer work, and Simon will be killed if caught. The monster will move at a faster pace as well. It is necessary to sprint back to the shuttle after these steps. It may be wise to retrace the steps back first. Directions won't be provided because there will be no time to read them, and they are simply the reverse of the directions used to get from the shuttle to here.

  • Pull three of the power cords from the reactor units. It is best to start with the farthest two.
  • Sprint back into the emergency shuttle the moment it's possible.
  • If it's not there already, put the omnitool into the receptacle.